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Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 was formed by Jaimee L. and Aldwin P., who both have a love for Japanese tradition, culture, and arts. The first Samurai Sword Shop in the Philippines and now the first Samurai Armor Shop in the country.

Traditional Armor for the Modern Warrior


Established in 2008, The Samurai Shop is a well respected source of Samurai armor and Swords serving all of central Europe.

Iron Mountain Armory - Samurai Armor

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Established in 2008, Guardians Vault Australia was established in an effort to bring quality affordable Bushido based products into the Australian market.

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Established in November 2000, Muso Shugyo Ryu is a martial arts and living history club dedicated to the history and culture of the Japanese samurai. Art of the Samurai are based in Harlow, Essex


Established in June 2001, Little Star Enterprises, Inc. has been dedicated to providing its clients authentic samurai armor and accessories.  

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