Iron Mountain Armory - Samurai Armor

Traditional Armor for the Modern Warrior

Q: Do you sell retail?
A: The Iron Mountain Armory does not sell retail.  If you would like to purchase one of our suits of armor, please visit our “Dealer” page for a list of authorized dealers.

Q: How can I become a distributor of your armor?
A: The Iron Mountain Armory is always on the lookout for new dealers.  Please contact us with any inquiries.

Q: Do you sell your armor on Auction Sites, such as eBay?
A: No, The Iron Mountain Armory nor any of our dealers sell armor on eBay or any other auction websites.  There are many fakes and frauds on the internet claiming to distribute our armor at a cheaper price because they are the factory or sell direct.  This simply isn’t true, nor is it possible to produce a reasonable quality suit of armor for under $1,000 USD.  However, please feel free to double check with us first, as some retail clients might be re-selling their armor.

Q: Is your armor real?
A: The Iron Mountain Armory uses the same crafting methods used by skilled samurai armor makers in the 16th century.  We have integrated some modern techniques, tools and materials to decrease crafting time, increase safety, durability and longevity of our armor.  For example: Traditionally the iron plates were only riveted together and would break over time / use.  We both rivet and spot weld our iron armor plates together so the iron plates will not separate while rolling around in your armor.  We do use some modern glue so our clients do not need to maintenance their armor as much, where traditional glue would come undone.  We use modern paints instead of toxic lacquer.

Q: Is the armor battle ready? 
A:  Along with traditional armor crafting, we believe in traditional armor testing.  Although we do not recommend our armor to be used in any form of combat, it is very capable of being used and withstanding the rigors of training and full contact sparring. Our armor has been tested with great success, not only in and out of the dojo for full contact martial arts training but using fully functional, live samurai swords and weapons as well. 

Q: What gauge steel do you use? 
A: We use traditional .8mm to 1.2mm iron and steel plates to craft our samurai armor (depending on the parts). While some might believe that this might not be thick enough, please understand that our plates are layered together which makes them more twice as thick in the overlapping sections, flexible and shock absorbing than the other thicker armor armor styles.  The layered plating method used in the samurai armor for more than 500 years is continually used today in modern body armor, because it is that much more effective than thick, heavy single plates. 

Q: Will this armor fit me? 
A: The Iron Mountain Armory tries to accommodate all body types when crafting a standard suit of armor.  From our 10+ years of experience we craft our standard samurai armor to fit our average client of 5’ 7” tall with a 41” chest.  However our standard samurai armor size can fit most adults from 5' 4” up to 5' 10” tall with no customization needed for height. The front and back of the armor can be easily adjusted or opened to fit up to a 46" chest size.  Please understand that despite our standard sizes there are different body types.  Just like 1 shirt or pair of pants will fit you very well, they may not fit someone else of an equal size. We do offer custom sizing.  Please contact your local dealer for more details. 

Q: Do you offer any customizations? 
A: The Iron Mountain Armory would be more than happy to customize your armor for you.  We offer custom sizing, armor and lace coloring as well as painting of family crest, name, kanji or symbols on the armor or yoroi bitsu (armor box).   Please contact your local dealer for more information.

Q: What materials are used in your samurai armor? 
A:  In general, our samurai armor is crafted using wrought iron plates, silk brocade, animal hair, leather, cotton and hemp, keeping true to authenticity. However, we use different materials for the different level of quality armor that we offer.  Our economic “Kachi” class armor uses more synthetic materials than our “Gashira” or “Taisho” class samurai armor; which offer more traditional materials.  For example the “Kachi” class samurai armor uses a faux fur moustache, where the “Gashira” and “Taisho” class use goat hair.  The “Gashira” and “Taisho” class samurai armor use more traditional materials common to the armor craftsman used in the 16th and 17th century.

Q: Is this armor made in Japan?
A: No, the armor is hand crafted in Main Land, China. However the armory is Japanese owned and managed. China offers a more economical labor force and product availability then Japan. The workers at the Iron Mountain Armory apprenticed under skilled craftsman and artisans who have over 124 years of combined experience in armor crafting. The Iron Mountain Armory originally made samurai armor exclusively under a private label in Japan.  However, recently the armory started producing the same level of quality samurai armor for the European and American markets through the name of the Iron Mountain Armory.

Frequently Asked Questions