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     Iron Mountain Armory handcrafts each suit of armor using traditional methods with a touch of some modern techniques to help improve durability and longevity of our armor. Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô with raised rivets popular in the Sengoku (Warring States) period. Okegawa means "tub-sided" and refers to the tub-like shape of the cuirass construction.  The most common style of Okegawa dô in this time period was the Yokohagi (horizontal) in which the plates are riveted in horizontal rows.

     All of Iron Mountain Armory's armor features a pin hinge under the left arm pit, which can be removed and laced to accommodate a larger chest size. The chest and back plate can also be bent and stretched out to help accommodate wearers with a larger chest size. The watagami (shoulders) are adjustable as well and can be molded to match the shoulders of its wearer, providing them with a better fit and more comfort. These are key features when deciding on which armory you want to buy your armor from. 

     Our Samurai Armor suites are affordable, handmade reproductions of original Samurai armor made by armor craftsman 500 plus years ago during the Sengoku (Warring States) period and Edo period. By incorporating elements of traditional Japanese samurai armor design of this period with modern tools, the craftsman at the Iron Mountain Armory have successfully forged the most authentic samurai armor available and at a very affordable price. 

Each suit of samurai armor is full sized, adjustable, completely functional and wearable Samurai armor.

    These samurai armor suits are all handmade, these life sized, fully functional and completely authentic reproductions.  Our Japanese Samurai Armor and helmets are made with authentic methods and materials only. Every suit has been researched and made after private collection, museums or temples of the actual armor. Each piece of armor is made specifically for re-enactors and private collectors that demand authenticity, detail and quality of materials. 

     Each of the Japanese suits of armor was only worn by the shogun, highest military class, samurai and emperors. Japanese samurai armor and samurai swords are powerful, unique works of art made by talented craftsmen. Each suit of Japanese armor (Kikou), Japanese Helmet (Kabuto) and Japanese Sword (Katana) truly has a soul or chi as well as a personality all of its own that makes it unique. These stunning works of Japanese art are made strictly in the authentic and traditional manner - all by hand and all by highly skilled craftsmen and are now made available for everyone at affordable prices. Our armor has been featured in dozens of movies, tv shows, museums, high profie clients homes, and dojos throughout the world. 

     Japanese suits of armor are typically displayed in home, restaurant, corporate, cultural and museum locations. Japanese armor and Japanese swords are both excellent symbols of Japanese art, culture, and can be adapted to any interior situation and will really be a talking piece for your friends. Check the site often because We are always adding new Japanese armor pieces and Japanese Samurai swords to our site giving our clients the widest veriety of Japanese armor and Japanese swords of the highest quality at the lowest possable prices! 

   Each Japanese samurai suit is a full sized, fully authentic reproduction of the original armor and comes with everything you see in the photo, which includes the black lacquered display / storage box and display stand holding the armor. These authentic reproductions are made of iron, steel, leather, silk, cotton, brass and other materials that were traditionaly used dorring the Sengoku era in Japan. Abosuletly no plastics, rubber, glue or synthetic material are ever used in the armor. Each armor is full sized, fully functional, combat ready and come pre-fitted for a person who stands between 5' 2" and 6' 3" tall with average body type. The armor can be easly adjusted for a better fit by the owner. 

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