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Samurai Armor & Accessories by Iron Mountain Armory

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Samurai Armor & Accessories by Iron Mountain Armory



Samurai Armor & Accessories by Iron Mountain Armory

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Samurai Armor & Accessories by Iron Mountain Armory


Clothing & Accessories

     Iron Mountain Armory is world renown and the leading armory  crafting affordable, authentic Gendai samurai armor, clothing & accessories.  Each suit of samurai armor is traditionally handmade by skilled artisan craftsmen, wither over 15 years experience, with the same designs armorers used durring the late Sengoku, Edo and).  By using traditional armor crafting techniques used by samurai armor makers during the 1500’s mixed with a few modern techniques and tools, the Iron Mountain Armory is able to craft some of the most authentically crafted suits of armor at very reasonable pricing.


     Over the past decade the Iron Mount Armory has made custom suits of armor for professional martial artists, museums, collectors, re-enactors, movies, TV shows (Discovery, TLC, the History Channel and more), LARP and companies all around the world.  Because of our dedication to our passion, we have been praised by our clients through their repeat business and referrals; as we have grown a reputation of excellence. 


     We are proud of our work and are honored to offer everyone an opportunity to own a piece of Japanese culture and history, through ownership of their own samurai suit of armor.  We will be happy to handcraft one of our standard model samurai suits or custom handcraft and size your samurai armor for you; as well as provide you with any accessories your may need. 


     Please feel look through our FAQ page or ask us any questions you might have.  You can also review our pictures of our armory, warehouse and production methods.  If you want to know more details or see more pictures, please don’t hesitate to ask.  It is our honor and pleasure to serve you before and after your purchase.

Dedication to Quality

Iron Mountain Armory believes in quality over quantity which is why each order is carefully reviewed between client and skilled kachushi before work is started.  Materials are allocated / ordered as needed, the order is scheduled and started on time.  

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